HR Leader of the Year Award- 2022

Nominations open for HR Leader of the Year - 2022

It's that time of year again! We are happy to be accepting nominations for Bridgerland SHRM's 2022 HR Leader of the Year Award. Each December, we are honored to announce the recipient of this chapter sponsored award, chosen from the many nominations received from our local HR Community!
Do you know an HR Leader who has made a significant impact in your life, the lives of others, and the success of their organization? Nominating is simple! Fill out our 5 question form, providing your referral in the last question space, and your nomination will be complete!

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Kory Jenkins is the HR Leader of the year for 2021

Kory Jenkins

Kory began managing the recruitment, compliance, and compensation team at Space Dynamics Laboratory about two years ago. Over the last year and under his direction, we have hired on over 170 people (equivalent to about 20% of our staff). We also passed an OFCCP audit with no findings and many accolades. This past year has been challenging from a recruiting and compensation standpoint due to the “Great Resignation” and war for talent. Kory has managed the added tension well and listened to ideas and struggles from his own team and hiring managers throughout the Lab. He has presented solutions and quelled concerns, keeping us moving forward and obtaining successes. Kory is always positive and optimistic, not ever feeling like a challenge is too difficult to overcome. The HR department is highly regarded at the Lab and much of it has to do with the services Kory has provided over the years and the wisdom he has passed on to his team.

While all these things might be expected of an HR manager, Kory has gone above and beyond on another front as well. Our team has experienced several difficult, personal challenges over the past couple of years. He has been caring, made time to listen, and provide support even if it meant a few extra late nights. Kory has earned the deepest trust from his team. To Kory, getting the job done and providing exceptional services to the company are important but he understands that there are also more important things in life that occasionally take priority and he supports in any way he can. Kory’s leadership has unified our team in more ways than just occasionally getting us together for a team building activity (though we do really enjoy our annual team skiing adventure—Kory is also a great ski instructor). For these reasons and others I’ve left out in the interest of brevity, I believe Kory should be recognized for the outstanding HR leader that he is. Thank you, Kory!