Ryan Nelson, Esq., SPHR

Ryan Nelson

TOPIC: The Pendulum Swings Back: A legal, legislative, and regulatory update under the Biden administration.

SUMMARY: The 2020 presidential election precipitated a monumental shift in direction as the Biden administration pushes new proposals that will affect the employment landscape. This session will discuss the change in administration and how it has impacted the agencies responsible for enforcing federal employment laws, as well as what employers need to be aware of to remain compliant. As time permits, the session will also discuss important results from the courts and an Utah-specific update.

BIO: Ryan received his Bachelor’s degree in Portuguese, with a Minor in International Relations from Brigham Young University. Ryan attended law school at the University of Florida in Gainesville. During law school, Ryan balanced his legal studies with his growing family and his legal work as an intern with the Office of the State Attorney and as a law clerk for a construction law litigation firm. 

After graduation, Ryan’s law practice encompassed a variety of areas, but one of his significant achievements was an appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals and later to the Colorado Supreme Court. His work researching, drafting, and arguing before the courts impacted Colorado law and resulted in two published opinions.

In 2010, Ryan joined Employers Council. Ryan provides employers with consultative legal advice, with a focus on strategic and practical solutions, in a variety of areas of employment law and human resources. Ryan was the Utah President from 2017 to 2021. In 2021, Ryan became the Director of Business Development & Sales for Utah and Arizona. Ryan is licensed to practice law in Utah, with inactive status in Colorado and Florida. He also holds his SPHR certification.