Jim Enow


TOPIC: CRAVE : Enhancing The Human Experience For Increased Engagement

SUMMARY: What do you crave? Sugar? Caffeine? Running? What do you crave at work? Success? Appreciation or recognition? Our biological cravings for appreciation at work can be just as strong as your sugar craving. In this session, Jim will explore what our teams and co-workers crave at work. Over the past 80 years, numerous research and biological studies have discovered evidence that shows people have primary motivators regulated by our brain chemicals which are directly related to our personal happiness, engagement and productivity. As leaders, we have a unique responsibility to leverage these natural human cravings to enhance employee engagement, positively impact the human experience and consequently individual productivity and retention. In this training you will learn how to: • Fuel the work environment with more of what people CRAVE. • Learn and understand what impacts engagement • Increase employee engagement by enhancing the employee experience • Overcome disengagement due to environmental impacts such as working from home and the unsureties of a global pandemic This training was created around the concepts outlined by Gregg Lederman in his book titled CRAVE.

BIO: Jim N. Enow is an HR Business Partner and a Career Coach at Conservice. He is passionate about empowering leaders and their people to improve the overall human experience on their teams to achieve greater business results. Jim was born in Cameroon and moved to France where he obtained his BA in Human Resources and later on to Spain where he graduated with a Masters in Human Resource Management. Throughout his HR career in Europe and the USA, he has held roles as HR Generalist, Recruiter, Payroll Specialist, IT - Talent Acquisition Specialist, Onboarding Committee Lead, Career Development Specialist, and a Career Coach. He is a dedicated HX Professional and an inspiring people guru. Jim is a loving husband to his sweetheart and an awesome father of three.