Erik Madsen

Title: Right People/Right Seats – 90% of business problems are hiring problems in disguise.

Summary: All business leaders deal with 136 issues every day. The key to solving these issues before they become problems, is to strengthen the six key components of your business. In this informative and interactive presentation, you will learn how strong your business is in each of the six key components, and what 100% strong looks like. You will walk away with simple and practical tools you can use to strengthen the people component, and ensure you have 100% Right People in the Right Seats.

Bio: Erik has a passion for business and business excellence. With nearly 30 years’ experience at the local, regional, national, and international levels, Erik loves working with leadership teams to experience success. The first half of his career was focused on coaching, facilitation, and training businesses how to win. After 17 years helping others achieve great success, Erik took the entrepreneurial leap, and together with a business partner set out to build a health care technology and training company. Like many business owners who struggle with frustrations related to people, profit and performance, Erik did the same, until he was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). By leveraging the simple, real world, practical tools, and the proven EOS process, he found his business became easier to manage allowing for increased vision, traction, and a healthier, more cohesive leadership team. After implementing and operating his business on EOS for five years, Erik was able to successfully exit and allow his leadership team to continue running the business, which they have successfully done so, producing double digit growth each year. Together with his wife Debbie and their six children, they love spending time with family and friends. Erik also enjoys his small hobby farm, gardening, hiking, skiing, and reading good books.