Presidents Message

Our Bridgerland Chapter of SHRM is full of qualified, experienced and friendly HR Professionals and it is my pleasure to associate with members like you each month.

Bridgerland SHRM has been helping organizations in their people management, including creating workplaces that foster a culture of respect. We are committed to eliminating all forms of harassment in the workplace including sexual harassment, educating our members not only on complying with the law, but on building a positive and productive workplace culture. We believe that creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace is not just a legal priority, but a business one that all employees share.

Bridgerland SHRM’s perspective is unique because we represent not just one segment of the employment sector, but a profession that spans all industries, including companies and workforces large and small. Our members have seen it all, and they let us know what works—and what doesn’t.

The chapter Board of Directors and I have spent lots of hours planning and discussing opportunities for our chapter to become more value-added to your professional HR career. We have several wonderful events planned, including our annual conference, in May.  I am excited for the things to come in 2019.

We have crafted a new mission statement and hope that you can connect with the meaning, as we have, and grab hold and join us on a ride to becoming a resource throughout our community and to our employers.

        “Bridgerland SHRM is a body of professionals with a collective interest in Human Resources. We provide resources, which anticipate and fulfill the business needs throughout the Bridgerland region.  We are dedicated to supporting the professional advancement of training, advocacy, networking and increasing the effectiveness of HR management, while maximizing synergy within organizations.”

I look forward to seeing and talking with you at each chapter meeting. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas, thoughts or concerns with us at any time. You can email us at


Vicki Fenton