HR Leader of the Year Award- 2018

Esmeralda Moreno

Esmeralda Moreno – Lower Foods, Inc

Esmeralda’s story is a successes story of hard work.  When she was hired at Lower Foods she did not start working in HR.  She was hired working in production and moved quickly into advancements of working in other areas of production, then into Quality Control position.  She then started helping with time-clock problems with payroll, checking dates and clock in and clock outs.  This is where she began working with all the employees one on one.  At the same time, Lower Foods experienced a large growth which also included a lot of new hires and a lot more employees.  Lower Foods recognized a need for a more professional HR position and Esmeralda was moved into this position full-time.  As mentioned before, this HR position has been a learning curve for both Esmeralda and Lower Foods.  Lower Foods created a new position and Esmeralda has filled the position remarkably and continues to learn and grow.

Esmeralda has now returned to school for a degree in HR adding to her value and experience here at Lower Foods.

Again, Esmeralda story is worthy of recognition. From her hire date, almost 8 years ago, starting at production work to an HR professional and is now handling and juggling a myriad of tasks and responsibilities.

She is a go to person, if employees need to talk to someone about problems, issues, or anything related to work she takes the time to listen and then fixes the issue.   There are individuals that can brighten a room when they enter, Esmeralda is one of these people and makes and brightens employees’ days.

She is always trying to make a more positive atmosphere at work.  She a party planner and coming up with ideas for party events that boost morale.  She’s implemented a Birthday recognition were every employee gets a spotlighted through a company Facebook page, a Personal Birthday card signed by the owners and supervisor, and a small gift.

She’s implemented a supervisor program. First, so that supervisors learn their names. Second, these supervisors receive retention bonuses if they have low turnover which incentives supervisors to be kinder to employees.