Mark Knold

Mark Knold, SPHR

Topic: Utah & Cache County Economic and Labor Market Update

Mark Knold, a 28-year veteran in Utah economics will address the issues about the current state of the economy, both on a state and country level and what is expected over the next two years.

The HR community is sensitive to the ebbs and flows of the labor market and they can benefit when they know the nuts and bolts of the labor market; what can change, when it can change, and how to keep up with the underlying trends and constraints of the hiring marketplace. Attendees will learn where and how the government gets its labor market data, as well as learn how to evaluate occupational wage data in the Utah market and against any other national market. Mr. Knold will also address the options for adjusting wage data based upon inflation or the underlying index of overall wage increase. He will also show the audience how to use the Utah DWS data tool to help them in their job duties


Mark Knold is the Supervising Economist for the Utah Department of Workforce Services. His role is to oversee the department’s economic staff and to convey clearly and precisely economic issues and trends affecting Utah. An understanding of international, national, state, and local economic factors, conditions, and trends are all requirements. Mark has worked for the department for 28 years and holds a Master’s Degree in economics from the University of Utah.