James Hadlock

Topic: Addicted To Silence. The Alarming Truth About Addiction At Work

Now is the time to challenge how we see mental health and address addiction in the workplace, with a commitment to do better.

So, the real question is: Why do we need to address these issues differently anyway? Or, ok great, is this going to open a “can-of-worms” at my office?

In this honest, inspiring session, James will challenge you to rethink current drug policy, share how your organization is impacted by mental health and addiction, and demonstrate what we can do about it — because your employees deserve it, and your company needs it.



James Hadlock is a former drug-addicted multi-millionaire turned family man and high-impact visionary who speaks nationally on addressing mental health and addiction in the workplace through meaningful connection.

James is the founder of BluNovus and the CARE Initiative. He has 25+ years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience and 11+ years drug and alcohol free.

A diverse influencer, his views on mental health and the addiction crisis are thought provoking. He’s known for his vulnerable style, where his blend of stories, humor, and research entertain and inspire audiences to action.

Prior to his speaking career, he led a two-year turnaround of a bankrupt company, taking it from $2MM to $18MM in sales and earning a spot as a “top 25 fastest growing UT company”.

James and his wife Alicia enjoy a keto lifestyle, are avid Dodger fans, and live with 6 of their 9 children in the mountains neighboring Park City, UT.